Kirilovo, Bulgaria

Kirilovo is a medium-sized village in south-east Bulgaria.

It belongs to the municipality of Elhovo in the Yambol Province.

The distances are:

* 7 km from the town of Elhovo

* 32 km from the city of Yambol (the capital of the province)

* 42 km from the Turkish border

* 103 km from the Black Sea

Kirilovo has a permanent population of 275 residents. In addition, many people  live here part-time, officially resident of other countries or the nearby towns where they work.  The village is home to people of different ethnicities and nationalities. As well as Bulgarians, Kirilovo has residents from Britain, Italy, Turkey, Russia and Germany,


The village has three grocery shops, a post office, a library with books in several languages,  a small cafe/bar, a cheese factory,  a campsite and a playground for children.


The climate is Mediterranean/Continental with hot, dry summers.


Winters are cold but milder than in other parts of Bulgaria.


3 km from the village flows the river Tundzha. Along the river stretches the Dolna Topchia Nature Reserve, a natural habitat for Colchis pheasants, partridges and other wildlife.


In the village, you can hear the constant hum of bees and bumblebees, birdsong, crickets chirping, goat bells tinkling and horses's hooves clopping. In the summer months, many storks live in nests perched on top of utility poles, and you can hear them clapping their beaks.  A green, gentle landscape with wheat and sunflower fields, lakes and shrub woods surrounds the village and invites you on walks where you can watch a myriad of birds and colourful butterflies, tortoises and other wildlife.


The village has a long history, a rich spiritual culture and colourful traditions.


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