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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you write your books?

On a laptop, with my black cat Sulu snuggled between my arms.

How do you get yor cat to pose for your books?

Sulu loves books, and I trained him to pose for photos.  Oh yes, you can train a cat... if the cat wants to be trained.

I'm a writer, do you have any advice?

Learn the writing craft to the highest standard, become the best writer you can possibly be, and enjoy the process.

Who creates the covers for your books?

For most books, I hire artists who paint the pictures the way I want them, and I own the copyright to those images. You can find the names of the artists in the book's masthead (the copyright page at the front).

I want to review your book on my blog or on Amazon. Can I get a free review copy?
Will you review my book if I review yours?

I don't engage in review swaps, sorry. They can easily lead to less-than-honest reviews, or cause hurt feelings if one writer doesn't like the other's book. 

How do you select the stories for the Ten Tales books?
May I submit one?

Most of the stories have been previously published elsewhere, and I approach the authors for permission to include them. I also invite some writers whose work I like to submit stories for the next anthology. However, I don't read unsolicited (slush) submission. When I'm looking for a particular kind of story, I tell my Twitter followers or my newsletter subscribers, and invite them to submit.  

Would you write a guest post for my blog?

I'd like to, if your blog is aimed at writers or readers, and if I have the time. Email me with an URL to your blog.

I also have previously published guest posts. If you don't mind something that's been published on another blog a while ago, I send you a recycled post straight away. 

I love your online workshops for writers. Where can I find out about upcoming classes?

I've cut back my teaching to have more time to write books.  When I teach online workshops for writers again, I'll announce it in my newsletter.

Can I hire you as a Publishing Strategist, Mentor or Editor?

I'm not taking on new editing clients at the moment.  However, I do manuscript appraisals - that's when I suggest what you can do to make your own book better. I also help authors with strategies for indie publishing, social media and book promotion. You can find me on Upwork

Rayne Hall - Author

Have a question about me, my work or Sulu?


Just email me, or ask me on Twitter!

Rayne Hall - Sulu my cat
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