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Rayne Hall

Author, Publishing Guide, Writing Coach

About Me

I'm Rayne Hall, and I help good writers become great.


As the author of the bestselling Writer's Craft guides, I answer writing-related questions on Twitter, post articles online, coach authors, edit books, speak at conferences and teach online classes.


I've been working in the publishing industry for three decades, as a trainee publishing manager, editorial assistant, magazine editor, investigative journalist, production editor, literary agent and publishing consultant. In between, and often at the same time, I've been a museum guide, adult education teacher, development aid worker, apple picker, trade fair hostess, translator, belly dancer and tarot reader.  


Now I'm a professional writer, with more than sixty books published under several pen names (mostly Rayne Hall), in several genres (mostly fantasy, horror, historical and non-fiction), by several publishers, in several languages.


After living in Germany, China, Mongolia, Nepal and Britain, I'm now based in Bulgaria where I enjoy visiting ancient Roman ruins and derelict abandoned homes, going for walks in the woods, gardening and training my cats.

Rayne Hall - Author
Rayne Hall - Sulu lying on my arm

About My Cat

Sulu is a rescue cat I adopted from the local cat shelter. He has a silky black coat, yellow eyes and a sweet personality. When I write, he snuggles between my arms, often with a paw on my wrist, purring happily. He's a clever cat who enjoys posing for publicity photos with my books and charming my Twitter followers. 


Read more about Sulu here.

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