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Cats And Their Writers

Sulu & Rayne Hall

Sulu was a young shelter cat whom nobody else wanted to adopt. He adores his new life as a writer's cat, often joining Rayne when she writes. Unlike many other cats, he doesn't lie on the keyboard, but snuggles between Rayne's arms. Sweet-natured and intelligent, he enjoys posing for photos 'reading' Rayne's books.

Read more about Sulu here.

Rayne Hall writes fantasy, horror and historical fiction, as well as non-fiction books including the Writer's Craft series.

Triplet & K. Kris Loomis

Five years ago, this three-legged cat was pursued by a fox and sought refuge out of the antagonist's reach. She found it with Kris Loomis and her family, and she adopted them all - writer, husband, golden retriever and two other cats. Triplet is an international traveller, moving with her family to Ecuador for three years, then back to South Carolina. She still has not shared the story how she lost her right hind leg.

K. Kris Loomis is the author of the Modern Shorts for Busy People series and the non-fiction books How to Sneak More Yoga Into Your Life: A Doable Yoga Plan for Busy People, and How to Sneak More Meditation Into Your Life: A Doable Meditation Plan for Busy People.

Perro & Nicholas Rossis

Perro was left behind when his family moved, so he found himself a new home with neighbour Nicholas Rossis and his family. He follows Nicholas around everywhere, like a dog. He and another cat take turns sitting on Nicholas' lap. Perro likes to knead Nicholas' thighs with his claws, resulting in clothes with scratches and holes. He's a sweet-natured cat and also a mean hunter.

Nicholas Rossis writes epic fantasy novels and short science fiction stories, as well as books for children.

Vegas & Janice J. Richardson

Vegas' mother was a noble hero. Abandoned to fend for herself in the country, tattered, starving and close to death, she continued to care for her tiny kitten. This meant approaching a human for help, so she sat on a deck, the kitten tumbling at her side, and cried, day after day. The human fed them, but was not able to adopt them, so she told her friends.

When writer Janice J. Richardson heard the story, she was inspired by the example of Rayne's Sulu, and took the kitten into her home. After seeing her kitten safe, the hero mum decided on a feral lifestyle for herself and left. She is sometimes seen on a nearby farm, but keeps out of human grasp.


Janice J. Richardson is the author of a cosy mystery series, beginning with Casket Cache. Young Vegas has made Janice's life richer, but she wants to cuddle, feed and play all the time, especially when Janice sits down to write. 

Salem & April Grey

Salem was a young stray, found crouching in the stairwell to the basement of the 23rd St. YMCA in New York City.  Stray cats don't do well in New York City, so writer April Grey - on her way home from a karate class - popped him into her gym bag, then hurried to the nearest pay phone to inform her husband that they now had a second cat.

Black with a few white tufts on his chest, Salem is as peaceable as his name (which means 'peace'). However, he loves sitting on keyboards. When April wants to write, she needs to hide her keyboard and use touchscreen.

April Grey writes fantasy fiction, often with a dark slant. She is the editor of a fantasy story anthology series including Hell's Kittens And Other Beastly Beasts.

Drizzt & Chris Marchant

Drizzt is a rescue cat adopted from Cavan SPCA. He is playful, loves laps and cuddles, and demands a lot of attention. His favourite pastime is annoying the other cats in his home. Of adult age, he's just a big kitten at heart.

Chris Marchant writes fantasy and science fiction.

Dale & John W. Harper

Dale is another black cat living with a writer. (Have you noticed how many black cats are drawn to writers? Or is it the writers who are drawn to black cats?)  Dale has appointed himself John W. Harper's editor.

John W. Harper's book Among the Dead tells about his time in the US Airforce with the Dental Evidence Response Team. This involved forensic dental identifications on those killed in the Pentagon Disaster, and then the thousands of fallen heroes returning from the battlefields of Iraq.

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