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Writing Contests

On this page, I'll announce my forthcoming competitions for writers, the rules and the winners.

Result Of The 24-Hour Story Writing Contest Saturday 20 August 2016

The contest topic was 'A Food Bank', and the winning entry is 'A Service to the Community' by Kim Cooper. 

Past Contest Results


The winners of previous 24-hour story writing contests were:

August 2015: 1st Greta Gibbs, 2nd Anya J. Davis, 3rd James G. Hall.

October 2015 1st: Anya J. Davis, 2nd Edelmar Dust, 3rd Devin terSteeg 

December 2015: Brett Brooks 

June 2016: Winner David Bridger. Runners-up Judith Rook, Jade Arthur, Jen Ponce, Eda Vor.


I've also held several tweet-writing competitions and paragraph writing contests. The winners of those were announced on Facebook and Twitter.

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