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24 Weird Reasons Why People Unfollowed Me On Twitter

More than 115,000 people follow me on Twitter @raynehall... and every day, several unfollow me. Some even tell me why. Here's a selection of their reasons:

1. Tweets in inferior English (British).

2. I laughed at their jokes.

3. I did not laugh at their jokes.

4. I didn't buy their book.

5. Stalking (I followed them).

6. Plagiarism (I retweeted their tweet.)

7. Failure to reply to their question within 16 minutes.

8. They saw no tweets but mine in their timeline (they weren't actually following anyone else).

9. I had more followers than they.

10. Horses get killed in one of my books.

11. I tweeted more about my own books than about theirs.

12. They always follow and unfollow the same people as their mates.

13. Not enough commas in my tweets.

14. I declined to read their unpublished novel.

15. I declined to retweet their poetry.

16. I declined to change my tweeting style to suit their personal taste.

17. I declined to fund their Kickstarter project.

18. By posting #writetip tweets I implied that the person’s writing needed improvement (insult).

19. Too many tweets about writing and publishing.

20. My chats with other people appeared in their timeline.

21. I’m an insufferable prude. (I objected to close-up photos of genitalia.)

22. I chatted more with other people than with them.

23. After chatting with me, they suddenly got new followers. They didn’t like that.

24. Rayne Hall is not a real person, but a bot. Everyone knows that.


Of course, these are only the ones who gave their reasons. (“Your use of British English disgusts me! Learn proper English before you tweet!!  I unfollow!!!!”) Others didn't allow me a glimpse into their motivations. Who knows? Even weirder reasons may lurk in their minds.

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